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Run a CAB File From Your Windows PC and Install It to Your Windows Mobile Device

Posted By: Andrew - 7/28/2006 5:36:10 PM

Users who are new to Windows mobile-based Smartphone often ask why by clicking on a CAB, they get to see _setup.xml, XXX.001, YYY.002, ZZZ.003, etc. That is because by default, Windows XP (Explorer) opens CAB files (be it Smartphone or PPC CAB) instead of installing them. It literally opens another folder showing you the contents of the CAB.  To install the CAB file on a Smartphone or Pocket PC, the file has to be copied to the device and then run / executed from a file browser on the device.  What a hassle. has a program to avoid this issue by allow you to run a CAB setup from your Windows computer and install it to your Windows Mobile device.



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Turn Off LED lights on a Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC

Posted By: Andrew - 7/25/2006 3:51:58 PM

MOBILE GADGET NEWS has posted a howto for disabling the (annoying) blinking LEDs on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 5.0.  You can  read the MGN article here.

To disable the blinking LEDs you will have to edit the registry on your phone, so you are hereby officially warned that you may void your warranty, break your device, and that you do it all at your own risk.  Or, everything may go just fine and you will successfully disable the blinking LED on your device....


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The Core Media Player - TCMP & PocketDivXEncoder

Posted By: Andrew - 7/24/2006 5:49:03 PM

TCPMP (formerly BetaPlayer) is the worlds most popular Open Source Media Player for the PocketPC, PalmOS and Smartphone mobile devices. It is designed to make it easy for the mobile media community to play all their digital media without restrictions.
Betaplayer for Smartphone is the best video player so far.


Also great, and free is the PocketDivXEncoder.  You can download it here...


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SIM / CID Unlocking the TORNADO / WIZARD and other HTC Phones

Posted By: Andrew - 7/24/2006 5:16:57 PM

I have successfully unlocked (both CID & SIM locks) all of the HTC phones and their various variants that have made up my long list of mobile devices.  My most recent successes have been with the Cingular 2125 and Cingular 8125 (TORNADO and WIZARD, respectively).  I used the SPVServices CID Unlock tool (alpha version), which sets the CID to 11111111111.
On the TORNADO I was then able to install the i-mate SP5 ROM or the Orange ROM. (I liked the i-mate ROM best and went with it in the end).  On the WIZARD I installed a ROM from with the...

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