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SIM / CID Unlocking the TORNADO and other HTC Phones

I have successfully unlocked (both CID & SIM locks) all of the HTC phones and their various variants that have made up my long list of mobile devices.  My most recent successes have been with the Cingular 2125 and Cingular 8125 (TORNADO and WIZARD, respectively).  I used the SPVServices CID Unlock tool (alpha version), which sets the CID to 11111111111.
On the TORNADO I was then able to install the i-mate SP5 ROM or the Orange ROM. (I liked the i-mate ROM best and went with it in the end).  On the WIZARD I installed a ROM from with the filename "Cingular_RUU_Wizard_AKU2.3_Custom_RNG_THM_A2DP_TEST.exe".  This ROM comes with the A2DP integrated for BT Stereo Headset support.
WARNING:  The following instructions will erase any data and installed programs from your phone.  Backup anything important to your PC or a memory card before flashing the ROM.
Unlocking And Updating ROM
  1. Download the latest SPV-Services client from the following site:
  2. Attach device to PC using USB cable and install the CAB file from the download above. 

    For users who cannot install the - make sure that you use this website below to disable the security certificate.
    YOU MUST use the website, if you download the application from this website to unlock the phone - it will still fail to install the
  3. Use the SPV-Services tool from step 1 to CID unlock device.
  4. Use the SPV-Services tool from step 1 to SIM unlock device.
  5. Your phone should now be ready to install the compatible ROM of your choice.  I would suggest checking out if you're looking for a new ROM. 

If you have any problems during any of the steps above, here are a couple of sites that can probably help:


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